Kate Spade Watch Hill Lilia Tote | Bright Vibrant Patent Purse

Posted on: Jan 2

Wow, do I love this bag or what? I love the bright, in-your-face color. I love the clean unadulterated patent leather surface. I love the contrasting textured ribbon. It only happens occasionally, but this Kate Spade tote has sent me head over heels.

OK, so a single block color may not be to everyone's tastes. Many people prefer exterior pockets on their totes, and I can understand the preference for leather rather than chain and leather straps. But all this aside, this vibrant gem jumps way outside the conservative box, and takes all seriousness with it.

The outside speaks for itself, whilst the inside of this Kate Spade leaves a little more to the imagination. The gently sixties signature lining is in a much more restrained cream, and whilst I would worry about ink spillages I still find this a refreshing change. If nothing else, it stops this handbag going over the top in terms of color.

A functional and beautiful handbag, I am surprised that the Lilia tote doesn't have anything other than a single interior pocket. That said, this is useful, gorgeous, and a purse I would love to own!

More Features of the Watch Hill Lilia Bag

  • Available in cream, navy stripes and tangerine
  • Cream/ivory signature lining
  • Patent leather exterior
  • Chain and leather dual handles

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