Kate Spade Peacock Lane Kenessa Clutch | Embossed Gold Leather Purse

Posted on: Dec 7

Kate Spade Peacock Lane Kenessa ClutchOK, so Kate Spade may not be great at giving her handbag designs short names, but she certainly is talented at coming up with the designs themselves!

There isn't as much of a retro vibe to the Peacock Lane clutch as there is to the other designs in Kate Spade's range, but that isn't a negative. In fact, it is refreshing to see something that is both creative and modern! The Kenessa features that unusual embossed peacock pattern, the feature it gets its name from, in a stunning fan shape. To add to the glamor, this all happens on a pale gold leather, real riches and luxury!

Of course, though this evening bag is pretty, it perhaps isn't all that practical. The cream polka dot lining will stain easily, and the clamshell shape means you may not have the biggest amount of room. There is no handle either, so that makes the $395 price tag a whole lot of moolah for something slightly inconvenient.

It's impractical, sure, but darn pretty with it!

More Features of this Gold Kate Spade Clutch

  • Gold¬†leather exterior
  • Single interior slip pocket
  • Polka dot gold and cream lining

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