Kate Spade Lemon Drop Purse | Small Framed Lella Clutch

Posted on: May 16

Kate Spade Lemon Drop Small Framed Lella ClutchA pineapple is becoming something of a staple in Kate Spades' evening bags at the moment, and the odd thing is that it actually manages to work!

Now, there is no denying that the glittery fluorescent green gem exterior on the Lella clutch is incredibly reminiscent of 1990s club wear. It makes me want to dance to brutally awful tunes like Baby D "Let Me Be Your Fantasy," and I have no idea if this is good, or bad. Whichever side of the fence you fall down on, the Lemon Drop evening bag will definitely tick all the boxes if you like looking bright, shiny and eye catching.

Of course, if you want understated subtlety then you may need to look away. The only time this decidedly retro purse leans towards the classy end of the spectrum is in the polka-dot lining, which, coincidentally, is the only time when this clutch looks like  something from the normally restrained Kate Spade brand!

It ain't sensible and it ain't quiet, but this bold and vivacious bag is perfect for girls with attitude.

More Features of this Kate Spade Pineapple Clutch

  • Also available in yellow or opal
  • Optional long chain strap
  • Polka-dot fabric lining

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