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Posted on: May 23

Kate Spade Bixby ClutchIf Kate Spade has been losing a little of her "retro" recently, the Bixby lets us know that it is definitely still there!

The retro comes in many forms in this leather clutch. Firstly there is the remarkably art deco frame and cute ball clasp. The contrast between the deep dark wood and the light and pale upper layer helps to define the angular shape, which then in turn contrasts with the little spheres that are the crowning glory. The whole effect is beautiful, especially in combination with that rich duck egg blue leather.

In fact, the whole of this classic little purse is about the contrasts. The patterned lining contrasts with the leather trim, the hard frame contrasts with the gently folded leather. It works really well, and the clear effort that has gone into the retro looks actually goes quite far towards justifying the $325 price tag. Sure, it ain't cheap, but it is pretty!

The Bixby is one of the most dramatic looking clutches from Kate Spade in a long while, and its chirpy summer colors just beg to be celebrated.

More Features of this Kate Spade Retro Clutch

  • Available in a range of other colors
  • Leather exterior
  • Wooden frame clasp
  • Interior slip pocket

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