Kate Moss Strikes a Pose in Longchamp Fall/Winter Ad | Models New Gatsby Handbag

Posted on: Jun 17

Kate Moss is now newcomer to Longchamp ad campaigns. Previously starring with Sasha Pivovarova in the spring/summer "Bobbsey twins" ads, the supermodel is back at it again for the label's upcoming fall and winter fashion.

In the newest ads, Moss, Canadian model Daria Werbowy, and a few naval-bedecked male models show off the new Longchamp Gatsby handbag. The Gatsby is full of vintage style with a slightly 1940s feminine feel, hence the retro styling of Moss in this ad pictured here.

If I'm going to be completely honest, though, it took me several seconds to even notice the Gatsby in the photo. I mean, are we even supposed to notice it? How on earth is Longchamp calling this an ad for the satchel when it's practically tossed in the back corner in the shadowed arms of one of the "officers"? At least in Emma Watson's Burberry ads, you couldn't help but notice the giant satchels in her arms.

Of course, a gorgeous supermodel is always the main draw for a fashion ad. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Longchamp is going to highlight her as much as possible. At least we get to see a bit more of the handbag in this second photo featuring Moss, Werbowy, and the Gatsby together.

It's a great bag and an eyecatching set of photos, even if the merchandise isn't front and center.

[Source: StyleList]

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