Karlie Kloss Loves Chanel Purse | Model Wants to Be Buried with Karl Lagerfeld Bag Gift

Posted on: Jan 25

Karlie Kloss

Most girls love designer handbags, but few show the dedication of American model Karlie Kloss. She adores her Chanel bag so much that she claims she's "going to be buried with that bag."

It's hardly surprising that she's so fond of the purse, as it was a gift from Karl Lagerfeld himself. After Chanel's head honcho treated the model to one of his iconic purses, she decided to pay the kindness forward.

Kloss says she gave her mother and her twin sisters he same purses as birthday gifts, so "Now all the girls in my family have one." That's the sort of kindness we rarely see in teenagers!

While she appreciates the high class luxury of Chanel and other designer labels, Kloss seems to have her feet formly planted on the ground. She admits that she's "a total cheapskate" when it comes to fashion, who appreciates apparel and accessories from H&M and Forever New. And she's not talking about those covetable designer collaborations either.

Personally I find Kloss' down-to-earth approach to fashion refreshing. We'd all happily accept a designer gift from Karl Lagerfeld, but it's great to see she can also appreciate the value of more affordable fashion offerings. With an attitude like that, it's easy to see why fashion movers and shakers are clamoring to work with her!

[Source: Vogue UK]
[Image Source: Christopher Macsurak/Wikipedia Commons]

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