Karl Lagerfeld Won’t Retire | Age No Concern to Chanel Creative Director

Posted on: Nov 18

We can look forward to many more gorgeous handbags and nutty comments from Chanel creative director and famous egomaniac Karl Lagerfeld. One of fashion's most colorful characters told Germany's Freundin magazine he has no plans for retirement.

"Retirement is not one of the topics with which I deal. Why should I? I still have so many projects that I sometimes don't know where to begin. Chanel will still need some clothes when I'm 89," he said.

Of course I'm sure someone else could design those clothes if Karl were to step down, but it's not surprising to hear he doesn't entertain that thought!

There must be something about Chanel that compels folks to stick around. Coco Chanel never retired, so it's fitting that Karl Lagerfeld is planning to do the same thing. He's already got 27 years under his belt, and he's showing no signs of becoming stiff or stale. So why not continue the legacy? Heaven knows any replacement would have some very big shoes to fill!

[Source: Pursed Lips]
[Image Source: Christophschaefer/Wikipedia Commons]

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