Karl Lagerfeld Prepares New Lines | Affordable Karl & High End Collections

Posted on: Oct 25

Karl LagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld is expanding his empire with the launch of a new affordable collection, and the re-launch of a familiar high end line.

Frugal shoppers will be pleased to welcome Karl, a budget range with pieces starting from $95 and topping $450. The range will feature accessories and apparel item emblazoned with a brand new logo, a stylized image of Lagerfeld's famous sunglass-wearing, ponytail-donning profile. Expect to see plenty of leather and denim in the collection which Lagerfeld calls "rock" and "street." Those adjectives suggest the range is skewed towards a younger demographic, one that can't afford those high-end Chanel purses. However Lagerfeld insists Karl will be an "ageless" collection. Net-A-Porter will stock Karl exclusively from January 25 before it's rolled out to Karl Lagerfeld's website on February 28.

We last saw Karl Lagerfeld's high end line at the end of 2010. It'll be back again next year, although it'll now be called Karl Lagerfeld Paris. It'll be all over Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Asia, but American fans will need to hunt for it in selected stores. Prices aren't too bad for a high end collection, relatively speaking. We can pick up the cheapest item for $411, and the most expensive costs $3,425. Just don't tell Lagerfeld it's affordable. He insists that he doesn't "work in that direction." Duly noted Mr. Lagerfeld!

You're certainly not going to miss the launches, as Lagerfeld has planned plenty of events to celebrate. Pop-up stores will appear in fashion capitals around the world, including Paris. We'll also see Lagerfeld "experience" outlets selling the Karl and high-end lines as well as other Lagerfeld goodies. Lagerfeld's website will enjoy some renovations, and a brand book will also hit shelves.

Expect to hear a lot more about Mr. Lagerfeld as we enter 2012!

[Source: Fashionista]
[Image Source: Christophschaefer/Wikipedia Commons]

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