Karl Lagerfeld Channels Coco in Interview | Chanel Designer Sounds Off About Feminism and More

Posted on: Aug 7

Though it's yet to hit the magazine racks, the Harper's Bazaar September issue will surely garner a few laughs thanks to its unique interview with Chanel big shot and ego-extraordinaire Karl Lagerfeld.

Any interview with Lagerfeld is sure to be a page-turner since this man has more quirks than you can count on both hands (who can forget the $1,000 Lagerfeld Steiff bear?). Well, now he's taking his insanity, I mean genius, a step further by adding a character to his repertoire of strange behavior.

For the interview with Bazaar, the infamous creative director and designer is stepping into the shoes of the original Chanel legend herself: Coco. With the recent Coco Avant Chanel craze, it's no surprise that fans of the label are craving more; I just wouldn't have expected Lagerfeld to fill in for her.

Though we have to wait until the magazine's release to be fully amused, Fashion Weed Daily has provided us with a short but hilarious snippet of the interview. Lagerfeld, as Coco Chanel, responds to questions about feminism, which he/she claims to never have been "ugly" enough for, Botox treatments, and Chanel fashion. Here's my favorite quote:

HB: What’s the new Chanel classic?
CC: As apparently my old jacket is still around, done by this idiot Karl, I have to help him find a new idea.

Lagerfeld talking about himself disparagingly in the third person. Now that's an article I have to read.

[Source: Fashion Week Daily]
[Image: SpreePiX-Berlin/Flickr]

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