Karl Lagerfeld Apologizes to Adele with Chanel Bags | Handbag Gift for Weighty Insult

Posted on: Apr 3

AdeleKarl Lagerfeld has apologized to Adele for making quips about her weight the best way he can. The fashion mogul sent the British soul singer some exclusive Chanel handbags as a high class kind of peace offering.

A source told British rag The Sun that Lagerfeld instructed his team to "send Adele the best the fashion house have to offer" after hearing she was a keen bag collector.

"He's annoyed with himself because he ended up insulting her when he meant to compliment her," the source explained. "He thinks she's beautiful and calls her divine."

Whether the generous gesture is enough to inspire Adele's forgiveness is questionable, but I'm sure she appreciated it nonetheless!

In a surprising turnaround, it seems Lagerfeld wants to patch things up as he hopes to work with Adele in future. The source suggested he imagines Adele would be a great fit for the Chanel Mademoiselle advertisements once Blake Lively's tenure is up. So she wouldn't be too fat for the commercials, Mr Lagerfeld?

Adele has always been a champion for fuller figured women, so perhaps she might see the modelling gig as a great way to represent curvy girls. Would you like to see Adele fronting a Chanel commercial?

[Source: Stuff]
[Image Source: Christopher Macsurak/Wikipedia Commons]

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