Kara Ross Prunella Clutch | Snakeskin Envelope Purse With Gem Decoration

Posted on: Oct 6

Kara Ross Prunella Clutch

Opening this elegant envelope clutch will be like winning an award every day, thanks to the glossy luxury design and the cute package shape.

The Prunella purse should look luxurious, because Kara Ross is charging you a painful $975 to own it. The last thing you want when talking about that amount of money is something dull and everyday, so the metallic snakeskin exterior and smart sleek design will very much be appreciated.

Although I can never get my head around that amount of money, I am of the opinion that this is, at the very least, a stunning handbag. In my humble opinion it combines glamour, sophistication and an exotic vibe neatly together.

Of course, for extreme luxury brand names like this, you are expecting big things. This is why I am a little disappointed to have no optional strap; the very least Kara Ross could have done was put in a little wrist-strap or something to help towards the end of the night. Still, maybe she intended for you to get your butler to carry it for you.

In lovely materials, this Kara Ross clutch is a beaut. Would you shell out nigh on a grand for it though?

More Features of this Luxury Kara Ross Envelope Clutch

  • Soft suede lining
  • Exotic leather exterior
  • Square stud decoration
  • Metallic silver and black shade

Get this Snakeskin Prunella Evening Bag:

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