Juicy Couture Blueprint Harriet Shoulder Bag | Green Distressed Leather Carryall

Posted on: Mar 14

Juicy Couture Blueprint Harriet Shoulder BagIs this a Juicy Couture bag I see before me? Without any loud logos or splashes of pink, it's a bit hard to believe!

Admittedly Juicy Couture has been showing a more mature side lately, but it's outdone itself with the Blueprint Harriet. Suddenly it's not just creating inoffensive handbags; it's creating bags that can go toe to toe with the best on the market.

The mint green color gives the Blueprint Harriet the youthful energy Juicy Couture's known for, but it's much more wearable than the sugary pinks and purples of old. It looks fresh for spring, but I can imagine carrying it all year round. If you're not convinced though you could always opt for cognac or black. The hues color soft weathered leather which will only look better in time.

The Blueprint Harriet is blissfully free of obnoxious logos, a sign that Juicy Couture is finally moving with the times. The Juicy Couture name is engraved on the front buckle, but it's so small that you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for it. It's a guarantee for owners that their bag is an original, rather than a way to advertise the purchase to passers-by.

The Blueprint Harriet is so practical too, with plenty of space and then some. I can't imagine wanting more room than it offers, but if you do just let out the base and expand it! Extra pockets hidden on the back and underneath the flap ensure that even at its largest configuration the Blueprint Harriet stays managable.

Juicy Couture's designs are definitely on the up but its prices aren't. At $378 the Blueprint Harriet is a very tempting proposition.

More Features of This Juicy Couture Distressed Leather Shoulder Bag

  • Magnetic closure
  • Fully lined interior
  • An adjustable shoulder strap
  • Measures 16.5 x 5.5 x 12.5 inches

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