Joy Gryson Announces Luxurious Capsule Collection | New Opulent Exotic & Fur Clutches for Fall

Posted on: Mar 24

Capsule Joy Gryson Bags

In 2006 Joy Gryson gave us her signature line, Gryson. In 2008 she served up more affordable, youthful accessories with Olivia Harris, a collection named for her daughter. And now, as we're emerging from the global financial crisis, Joy Gryson is offering opulence with her 2011 collection, Capsule by Joy Gryson.

These purses are seriously luxurious, made with exotic skins including shark, stingray, and python, and furs such as Mongolian lamb, astrakham, and Karakul wool. Something tells me Joy Gryson won't please PETA with the line, but if you can put aside the animal cruelty aspect it's easy to appreciate the range's rich good looks.

There are eight different evening bags in all in two different shapes. Choose from the structured box clutches with removable chain straps, or more traditional teardrop shapes. The purses are embellished with polished pyrite, distressed metallic foil, iron's eye stones, and ebony trim.

There are so many affordable diffusion lines flooding the market at the moment, so I'm thrilled to see Joy Gryson going in a completely different direction. I may not be able to afford the prices she's commanding, but I'll have a lot of fun drooling over those purses! Look for Joy Gryson's Capsule collection in stores this fall.

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