Jil Sander To Release Affordable Navy Fashion Collection

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While Rebecca Minkoff is upscaling, Jil Sander is going in the opposite direction. The designer will release a more affordable line under the moniker Jil Sander Navy.

The collection, which has been described as “casual lux,” is hoping to attract younger, budget-conscious customers. They’ll enjoy the minimalism Jil Sander is known for but at a much lower price. Goodies in the Jil Sander Navy range will start at just £100. There’ll be a broad range of items on offer, including dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, shoes, and purses.

The company’s creative director Raf Simons says he sees the Navy range as an expansion of the Jil Sander house. Unlike the J+ line for Uniqlo which Jil Sander exclusively oversaw, Simons and the rest of the crew at Jil Sander will help to shape the new collection. That should see it more closely aligned to the runway designs we’ve all admired recently. I can’t wait to see it in stores!

[Source: Fashion for Lunch]

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