Jil Sander Polished Leather Clutch | Futuristic Orange Glossy Geometric Purse

Posted on: Aug 15

Practicality is pushed aside for a little polish and pizzazz with this dramatic Jil Sander clutch.

Its glossy orange exterior knows how to stand out in a sea of washed-out pastels and conservative neutrals. The patent leather is lovely, but it's the geometric lines which give the purse its x factor. This clutch seems more like a work of European contemporary art than an accessory, which is its greatest appeal.

Because honestly, you're not going to buy this purse if you care for practical touches. The skinny profile doesn't afford a lot of storage space. If you try to cram a few extra goodies inside, those appealing sleek lines will disappear. While there are discreet pockets in the sides, they're also likely to show telltale lumps the moment you use them.

Since space is scarce, I probably don't have to tell you that there's no shoulder strap. Honestly, if you tucked one inside there'd be room for little else!

It has its limitations, but this Jil Sander clutch is the kind of purse that causes us to forget the downsides. It's a really sexy little number which makes a massive impression.

More Features of This Jil Sander Orange Clutch

  • Press-stud fastener
  • An inner patch pocket
  • Measures 12 x 6 x 2 inches

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