Jeweler Aaron Basha’s Daughter Launches Handbag Line | Regine Basha’s 2ENLIGHT10 Collection Revealed at Fashion’s Night Out

Posted on: Sep 17

Aaron Basha, whose infamous line of whimsical jewelry is known mostly for baby shoes and ladybug charms, has evidently passed down some of his whimsical designing personality to his daughter Regine.

Regine Basha's recently launched handbag line, 2ENLIGHT10 (read: "to enlighten"), reveals a unique design sensibility similar to her father's. There might not be any ladybugs on these bags, but one-of-a-kind is definitely a word I'd use to describe them. I'm talking about glowing, battery-operated clutches. 2ENLIGHT10's website promises to make you stand out in a crowd, and I can see why ... at least when you carry one of their designs at night.

Regine described her inspiration for the above-seen taxi clutch:

"I created a clutch that has glowing piping (which is now part of this collection) for me and my friends. We would always use it to hail a cab, as you are visible from at least a block and a half away. I had an a-ha designer moment when I thought "how cool would that be to have one that says TAXI?"

2ENLIGHT10 debuted during New York's Fashion's Night Out in the hands of models hailing cabs with the taxi clutch. The collection of interesting bags will be available at and will range from $165 to $225.

[Source: Style List]

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