Jessica Jensen Origami Barrel Clutch | Folded Leather Purse

Posted on: Apr 4

We have already seen the Jessica Jensen Classic Barrel clutch, a folded origami creation that creates art out of leather. Now the designer has added another folded leather clutch to the mix, with her aptly named Origami Barrel clutch.

Although the name pays homage to the Japanese art of paper folding, this clutch is actually a lot subtler than you would perhaps expect. In fact, the Classic purse shows more pleats and folds. Although fans of dramatic structure may be a little disappointed by this, I feel it makes the look more accessible to mainstream fashionistas; they can make a little bit of a statement with a clutch that is suitable for everyday use.

No fabric lends itself to folding and pleating as well as leather does. There is something about the smooth chocolate exterior, especially in combination with the rounded barrel shape, which makes this very easy both to look at and carry. It's even easier to carry when you have an optional handle!

Smart, sophisticated and subtly stylish, this brown purse is a very elegant choice.

More Features of this Jessica Jensen Origami Barrel Purse

  • Optional leather handle
  • Chocolate leather exterior
  • Cream/beige interior
  • Single interior zip pocket

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