Jessica Jensen Classic Barrel Clutch | Pleated Luxury Leather Purse

Posted on: Aug 14

Jessica Jensen shows us that a small purse can show plenty of personality with her classic barrel clutches. They don't just come in a range of colors. They also feature a range of unique finishes.

This sophisticated taupe purse has a stylish geometric pleated design. Pleating is more regular and vertical on the rose variety. The charcoal clutch is characterized by rows of raised leather. The brown bag has a lush wicker finish. And finally, the black clutch has a basic treatment befitting its conservative nature. A subtle seam running down the center is this tame purse's only embellishment.

While they may look like very different purses, their shared design ties them together. While it's called a barrel clutch, the shape more closely resembles a teardrop. It's a more practical silhouette, one that can easily fit in your hand or under your arm. That's a good thing too, because it doesn't come with a shoulder strap. I guess that's the greatest downfall of a classic design.

The other feature that may disappoint modern bagistas is the lack of storage space. This is a small framed purse, in the tradition of classic evening bags. Only the essentials will fit inside, so choose carefully when you're preparing for a night out with this barrel clutch.

The $428 price tag is a little expensive for such a small accessory, but if you act now you can enjoy some big savings on Amazon.

More Features of This Jessica Jensen Leather Purse

  • Suede lined interior
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Measures 6.25 x 6.25 inches
  • Made in USA

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