Jessica Ennis Motivated by Handbags | Heptathlete Star Buys Mulberry Bags After Big Wins

Posted on: Dec 21

Jessica EnnisMost athletes are motivated by the thrill of competition, the adulation of the fans, and their own will to win. So you might be surprised to learn what keeps British heptathlete Jessica Ennis going. This Olympic hopeful is inspired to do her best by the lure of designer handbags!

"I love fashion and especially designer handbags. I've bought two by Mulberry after competitions as a treat. They're really expensive but it's lovely to have something to show for all the hard work," she told The Sun.

Personally I would have thought the gold medals hanging around her neck would be enough to show off, but I suppose it's not practical to wear those every day! And as a handbag enthusiast myself, I can certainly relate to what drives Ennis. Perhaps I need to start promising myself designer bags if I get off the couch and exercise!

If the experts are right, Jessica Ennis is going to have a full handbag closet by the end of the London Olympics in 2012. Lucky girl!

[Source: The Sun]
[Image Source: Eric Van Leeuwen/Wikipedia Commons]

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