Jeffrey Campbell Hoffman Bag | Small Leather & Burlap Cross-Body Purse

Posted on: Jan 2

Jeffrey Campbell Hoffman BagJeffrey Campbell takes his typical flamboyant style down a few notches with this Hoffman bag.

The Hoffman is very unassuming when compared with his fringed Rizzler backpack and neon colored Abbate purse. Those bags made real style statements, and while they didn't speak to everybody I admired their creativity. The Hoffman is another matter though. While it probably won't offend anybody, it's in serious danger of being overlooked.

The combination of blue leather and beige burlap is unusual and frankly odd. I suppose the idea was to dress up the burlap, but instead we just see the blue leather cheapened. I don't mind the color combination, but the materials just don't come together cohesively.

The Hoffman's dimensions are also problematic. I'm all for traveling lighter, but this cross-body bag is so small that it's virtually useless. Its burlap body will expand a little, but I'm not sure it'll even hold the essentials.

At $62 the Hoffman's very affordable, especially for a purse which features real leather. But even a low price can't sway me to buy a bag that doesn't perform, especially one that looks as average as the Hoffman.

More Features of This Jeffrey Campbell Burlap Cross-Body Bag

  • Flap closure
  • A thin shoulder strap with a tassel detail
  • Measures 4 x 5 x 1 inches

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