Jeffrey Campbell Rizzler Backpack | Colorblocked Purple Suede Tassel Decorated Knapsack

Posted on: Nov 23

Jeffrey Campbell Rizzler BackpackThe Rizzler is outrageously loud and ridiculously over-embellished. In fact, it might just be plain ridiculous. Yet for some reason I've fallen for the questionable charms of this Jeffrey Campbell backpack.

I'm beginning to wonder about my tastes too, but hear me out. Jeffrey Campbell has a vision here, and he commits to it no matter how controversial it might be. Pairing purple, pink and orange suede is gutsy. Decorating a bag with tassels so long they resemble bicycle handlebar streamers is also ballsy. And adding more tassels to the zipper pulls is probably madness. But all those outrageous design decisions ensure the Rizzler's a backpack like no other. And that individuality is strangely alluring.

This backpack is spacious and well organized, with two zippered pockets on the front and another hidden away inside. However despite its design I wouldn't make the Rizzler your next school bag. Suede is notoriously quick to wear, so you'll probably want to use it sparingly. Then again, how many times do you wear an outfit that begs to be paired with such an outlandish backpack?

The Rizzler is relatively affordable at$262. For that price we don't need to use it regularly to see value.

More Features of This Jeffrey Campbell Suede Backpack

  • Drawstring top with magnetic closure
  • Contrast interior lining
  • Measures 12 x 14 x 8 inches

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