Jayson Brunsdon Adds Handbags to Fashion Line

Posted on: Nov 30

Australian fashion powerhouse and Project Runway judge Jayson Brunsdon has added handbags to his repertoire. But the designer from Down Under is no accessories novice.

"I've done bags for the runway before but never actually produced them," he told The Sunday Telegraph.

I've only spotted one of the range's purses so far, a bold tiger print clutch with a wide black belt. I can imagine this contemporary purse looking at home with casual jeans or rocking the red carpet. I can't wait to see more of the collection!

Jayson Brunsdon's debut handbags line is affordably priced, with pieces starting at just $89. But don't expect those rock bottom price tags to stick around forever.

"Going forward, we'll be doing this all the time but we'll also be going towards more of a $500 to $600 price tag," he explained.

While the bags are available in outlets across Australia, international fans will need to wait and see whether they make it to stores which typically stock Jayson Brunsdon fashion lines. I'd keep an eye on my local Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus if I were you!

[Source: The Sunday Telegraph]
[Image Source: Jayson Brundson]

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