Jalda Kona Slouchy Clutch | Exotic and Brilliantly Bright Eel Skin Purse

Posted on: Oct 30

Exotic fabrics are always a great gimmick, and eel skin leather is one of the smoothest softest gimmicks around!

I am a particular fan of this leather, and Jalda produce some of the most luxurious materials around. You pay for that luxury, but if you want something a bit special, that is always going to be the case!

This slouchy clutch is strangely attractive. Although simple, minimalist and unadorned, the fabric slouches and folds in just the right way, even if you don't get any bold features to accompany it. To make up for this you have the color, however, which as with all eel skin purses is stunningly vivid. The purple shade isn't quite as exciting, but the yellow and blue really do pop.

Of course, luxurious and tactile as this Jalda Kona handbag is, the designers have missed a trick by not offering an optional handle, for when you want to dance and not clutch. In the same vein, whilst the lining fabric is wonderful there are no interior pockets, immediately making this clutch suitable for going out only.

More Features of this Jalda Eel Skin Clutch

  • Available in yellow, purple and blue
  • Eel skin exterior
  • Blue lining
  • Slouchy origami shape

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