Latico Eel Skin Clutch | Bright Colored Purse with Paisley Lining

Posted on: Jul 17

Eel skin is the latest trend of new and unusual handbag leathers. This smooth and faintly glossy fabric is particularly great for providing vivid bright colors with real zing.

Available in four shocking shades (fuchsia, turquoise, orange, yellow), this framed clutch really pumps the eel skin full of bright exotic volume. This is a collection of beautiful clutches that have never heard of the concept of "subtlety". Bright and unapologetic, not everyone will be brave enough to clutch a statement purse like this.

A nice touch is the contrasting paisley interior, which brings a hint of the traditional to this modern and functional clutch. Whilst quite in-your-face, the contrast of floral pattern against block color as actually surprisingly aesthetically pleasing.

The shape of this clutch means that you have plenty of room for bits and pieces on a night out, especially considering the internal framed compartment and cute little pockets. The metal hardware is slightly shinier than more sophisticated metals, but for about $60 this is really quite a bargain!

More Features of this Latico Eel Skin Clutch

  • Available in four bright colors
  • Eel skin leather exterior
  • Paisley interior
  • 2 Framed clutch sections within one purse

Get this Sophisticated Bold Purse:

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