Jack Rogers La Boheme Fold-Over Clutch | Appliqued Stitched Leather Purse

Posted on: Jan 6

Jack Rogers La Boheme Fold-Over ClutchA luxury leather clutch with boho style? The Jack Rogers La Boheme purse is just that.

The clue was in the name, I suppose. La Boheme conjures images of a decadent kind of bohemianism, and that is exactly the impression that this fold-over clutch gives. The clever ridged seaming and cute, yet traditional, applique give a sense of folk dancing and carefree living, whilst the leather itself (and the clear artistry) take it above the realms of something that is just a bit hippy-ish.

If boho isn't your style, then I don't hesitate to say that this won't be high on your wish list. However, it isn't as over the top as many bags in the genre, and the brown-on-brown theme makes the applique and detailing a little less cutesy. Sure, it won't ever work for an evening bag, but it is more than smart enough for work!

The price of $368 is quite steep, but in my humble opinion this Jack Rogers clutch is one of the smartest boho purses on the market.

More Features of this Luxury Applique Clutch

  • Also available in black and platinum leather
  • Stitched/appliqued leather decoration
  • Optional leather strap
  • Soft suede lining

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