J.Renee Kleo Leather Clutch | Unusual Buckled Luxury Purse

Posted on: Sep 20

J.Renee Kleo ClutchThis J. Renee clutch, in glorious blue lambskin, actually bears more than a passing resemblance to the eel skin purses from exotic design Jalda. The main difference, aside from the actual leather, is the price, as this is slightly more reasonable at $110.

Of course, you can tell at a glance that this is still a reasonably expensive bag. The leather is soft, gently shiny, and in this incredibly luxurious sapphire blue shade. The unusual quality of this makes it stand out from the crowd, and is why I don't feel quite as resentful as normal about the fact that, at the end of the day, this is a clutch that still costs over $100.

Whilst the fabric is lovely, I would imagine people will be divided by the over-sized decoration. On the one hand the metal embellished wood is stylish and luxurious, and I love the industrial look of the brushed steel texture. On the other hand, however, it may be a bit too big, and it is fair to say that the leather could have been left to talk for itself.

With a nice shape and great materials, the Kleo clutch is a great way to bring a little color into your outfit.

More Features of this J. Renee Lambskin Clutch

  • Cord interior lining
  • Soft lambskin leather exterior
  • Wood and metal buckle detail

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