J. Furmani Fashion Clutch | Affordable Futuristic Silver Quilted Purse

Posted on: May 31

This fashion clutch from J. Furmani isn't just modern, it's positively futuristic!

The silver body definitely gives this purse the impression that it's stepped off a space ship. It might be a relatively cheap synthetic, but the gleaming metallic definitely dresses this inexpensive material up. It's helped out here by the polished metal frame.

Chanel has used quilting to give its purses a sense of heritage for years, but by reinterpreting the stitches in a less regular way J. Furmani has created a new and exciting finish. How exciting to see an affordable brand take its inspiration from the big fashion houses, but reinvent the look rather than copy it.

This is a purse that's all about looks; it's not very large and the interior isn't overly inspired. But it does the job, with a small slip pocket and a chain strap tucked away for late in the evening.

This is no high class purse, but bargain basement bags rarely look so good. For just $30 you'll find this a fun addition to your party wardrobe.

More Features of This J. Furmani Silver Quilted Clutch

  • Fabric lined interior
  • Measures 4 x 1 x 9.5 inches

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