J. Furmani Designer Vintage Evening Bag | Beautiful Beaded Frame Clutch

Posted on: Apr 15

J. Furmani takes us back to fashion's golden age with this Designer Vintage Evening Bag.

The attention to detail is what really sets this purse apart. While so many labels think they can pass any frame bag with a kiss-lock clasp off as vintage, J. Furmani carefully replicates old-world glamour. The body is intricately beaded with a delicate scalloped pattern, but that's not the only showstopper. The shiny metal frame and its kiss lock clasps are things of beauty in their own right. Both are accented with glittering crystals, and the frame is adorned with elegant scrolling patterns. The decorative features all work together to create a purse which looks like a treasure from a vintage store!

Oversized bags are a contemporary luxury, so it's no surprise to see this beaded beauty is teeny tiny. That means you'll struggle to fit the modern conveniences inside, but you should be able to carry a handkerchief and a small compact for powdering your nose!

The chain wrist strap is one contemporary perk I'm happy to see. It's always great to have a hands-free carrying option as the evening wears on. Happily this is detachable too, so it need not clutter your purse when it's not in use.

You'd probably pay less in your local thrift store, but $70 doesn't seem like a bad price for such a beautiful bag.

More Features of This J. Furmani Beaded Evening Bag

  • Fabric lined interior
  • Measures 6 x 4 x 5 inches
  • Available in champagne, gun, and black

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