Isaac Mizrahi Creates Handbag Hats for Fall | Latest Fashion Trend or Just Plain Weird?

Posted on: Mar 9

We've carried them over our shoulder, in our hand, and slung across our body, but handbags on our head? I'm not sure if this trend will catch on.

This bizarre photo comes from Isaac Mizrahi's fall/winter 2009 collection. It's not an isolated shot. Isaac seems to love this offbeat look because he's fitted out plenty of models with handbag hats. I know it's the job of any designer to push the envelope, but this might be taking things a bit far.

The purse hats are fairly simple in design, with basic leather finishes in rich fall shades. If he'd stopped there, I might have warmed to this look. But the two stiff handles coming out of the top just appear odd. Why do you need handles up there? Does Isaac expect us to take it off our head and carry it by hand at some point?

But maybe I shouldn't be so hard on this strange fashion fad.  With a couple of pockets inside, you could use your bag hat as a convenient place to stash gloss and spare change! Perhaps Isaac Mizrahi is onto something after all!

[Source: Luxist]

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