Inge Christopher Armadillo Flap Clutch | Exotic Textured Layered Tier Metallic Purse

Posted on: Mar 18

I thought I'd seen exotic purses mimicking every animal imaginable, but it seems I was wrong. Meet the Armadillo Flap Clutch from Inge Christopher.

Now before you animal activists get up in arms, note that I said this clutch was merely mimicking armadillo. It's actually made from leather stamped with an exotic texture inspired by the elusive American critter. As I've never seen an authentic armadillo purse it's impossible to judge whether the leather does a good impersonation or not. That works in the clutch's favor, inspiring the kind of envy a bad snakeskin or crocodile copy never could.

This skin really could have stood alone, but Inge Christopher adds even more intrigue with overlapping tiers of leather. Some may accuse this purse of being too busy, but I think it looks modern and dramatic. I also love the way the layers emphasize the shine of the metallic skin.

This is a long clutch, but its cigar shape will never offer much in the way of storage space. It's so narrow that you'll have to be careful what you pack inside, so beware of bumps and bulges. I suggest leaving your wallet at home and taking advantage of the interior pocket.

With the Armadillo Clutch we are not starved for choice. I think magenta is my favorite, but if you don't agree there are seven more shades to consider!

More Features of This Inge Christopher Layered Clutch

  • Double magnetic snap closure
  • Satin lined interior
  • A short detachable shoulder chain
  • Measures 4 x 1.7 x 12 inches

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