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Posted on: Sep 3

Indego Africa Yoga BagIndego Africa is bringing the handicrafts of the woman of Cocoki in Rwanda to the masses with its collection of yoga bags.

Each one of the label's yoga carriers is crafted from traditional Dutch wax cloth, using nothing more than foot-powered sewing machines and a little ingenuity. The women receive fair wages and work under fair trade conditions, ensuring they can lift their families and their wider community out of poverty. All of the profits from Indego Africa sales are used to fund artisan training programs in the African communities the label operates.

Indego Africa accessories aren't just admired by fashionistas the world over. The label's pieces are also fixtures in the gift stores of The National Textile and US Holocaust Memorial Museums. These institutions recognize the importance of Dutch wax cloth to the people of Africa.

Their fair trade credentials are important, but we probably wouldn't use the Indego Africa yoga bags if they weren't cleverly designed. Happily they deliver on this score too, with a long zip for easy packing and unpacking of your mat and an additional pocket for stashing keys, wallets, and other small essentials. That's not bad for $45! You'll find the Indego Africa yoga bags at selected retailers and the Indego Africa website.

[Source: Magnifeco]

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