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Posted on: Nov 16

Hugo Guinness for Coach Wallets

Coach is the latest handbag label to team up with an artist for a new accessories line. The American fashion house has worked with Hugo Guinness for its latest limited edition range.

The London-born New York artist has lent his bold black sketches to 17 different accessories including leather wallets, reversible tote bags, key chains and even a set of playing cards. They're from all from Coach's men's line, but I can imagine several pieces, including the wallets pictured, finding a place in the closets of many art-loving women.

Guinness said he was intrigued by the prospect of presenting his art in a brand new format.

"My artwork is usually framed in glass and placed on a wall, the idea of my block prints on totes, accessories — even playing cards — was really interesting to me," he explained. "Coach understood and appreciated the simplicity of my art. When they asked me to create block prints that symbolized the Coach brand, I was intrigued. Coach is a New York institution, so I created what I see every day on the streets of the city — coffee cups, keys, sunglasses, handcuffs."

The Hugo Guinness for Coach line features items at a range of price points, from $68 for the cheapest right up to $398. Look for them next February at the label's website and selected Coach boutiques in North America, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Ireland, France, and London.

What do you think of Coach's latest artistic accessories venture?

[Source: The Purse Blog]

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