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Posted on: Apr 21

Hermes Kelly ClockEven the great Hermes fashion house makes a mistake now and again. Despite its reputation for flawless design it's not immune to sewing machine mishaps and other production pitfalls. Rather than throwing out these less than perfect creations, Hermes is putting them to good use with the Petit H Creative Lab.

The Petit H Creative Lab, located close to Hermes main atelier in Pantin, France, is a place where creative designers and artisans transform Hermes rejects, scraps, and extra embellishments into brand new inventions.

Damaged silk scarves might not look smart around your neck, but they're the ideal material for reupholstering a chest of drawers. A slightly damaged Kelly would never sell, but when it's turned into a clock it gets a new lease of life. And who would have imagined a damaged glass vase could be split to create some stylish book ends?

The Petit H project is such a creative way for Hermes to work a little greener. I'd much rather see these Hermes materials being reused than ending up on the scrapheap, wouldn't you? You can indulge in some of the fruits of its labor when they go on sale at Hermes Madison Avenue flagship store from November 2 to 23.

[Source: Global Grind]

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