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Posted on: Nov 4

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Hermes, Tod's, and Chanel make the world's most covetable handbags according to a new Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI) survey released by New York's Luxury Institute. The survey saw luxury fans in European nations rating their favorites in a range of categories.

Stylistas in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany considered the quality, social status, exclusivity, and general ownership experience before settling on an overall LBSI score.

While fashion preferences varied from country to country, the top three handbag labels listed managed to transcend national boundaries. They're the sort of bags we probably all aspire to own, and the survey's respondents actually can. The Luxury Institute doesn't just ask for anyone's opinion, after all. Participants have a minimum annual income of €50, 000 or £60, 000. I guess they've got the finances to really know what handbags are the best that money can buy!

Personally I'm surprised to see Tod's ranking so highly. I've often admired the label's handbags, particularly its classic leather designs, but I would have thought that Prada or Valentino purses were more covetable. Are you surprised by the Luxury Institute's results? And if money was no object, what luxury bag would you like on your arm?

[Source: Market Watch]
[Image Source: Kwanyatsw/Wikipedia Commons]

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