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Posted on: Mar 2

Hermes Mini BagHermes has created four mini bags for fashionistas with more money than sense. At more than a million dollars a piece, these small purses take luxury to the next level.

The ultra elite purses are the result of Hermes' recent collaboration with jewelry and shoe king Pierre Hardy. So exactly why do such small purses cost so much dough?

They're crafted from exotic skins and then embellished with authentic gold hardware (no plating here girls) and a healthy smattering of diamonds. Amongst the bags in the mini collection are a rose-gold crocodile Kelly decorated with 1,160 diamonds, and another small purse made with intertwining chains and a whopping 11, 000 diamonds.

I can't fathom anyone spending that sort of money on a handbag, let alone one that isn't even large enough to hold the basics. Although I suppose anyone who can afford to spend more than many houses on an accessory probably has an entourage of people to carry their essentials!

It seems that even Pierre Thomas, Hermes' chief executive officer, knows these purses are ridiculous. When The Financial Times asked him who'd buy the bags, he answered "I have no idea. But maybe they will have two bodyguards!"

Even if money was no object, would you be tempted by these opulent Hermes accessories?

[Source: Financial Times]

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