Hermes Opens Shang Xia in China | Hong Kong’s New Affordable Luxury Store

Posted on: Sep 20

Chinese FlagHermes has expanded its fashion empire with the launch of its latest retail brand, Shang Xia. The first Shang Xia store is now open in Hong Kong Plaza Mall, with similar outlets in Beijing and other key Chinese markets to follow.

Shang Xia is Mandarin for "Up Down," a phrase which describes the brand’s philosophy. The brand's artistic director Jiang Giong Er further explained that it is an "expression of two opposing forces or sides — yin and yang, extraordinary and ordinary — that come together to strike a harmonious balance."

The brand looks to operate as a "home grown" Chinese luxury retailer to tap in the Asian nation's love of designer labels. It aims to offer affordable luxury to its clientele, although that is always a relative term. Still, seeing jackets selling for around $1000 and shoes priced at about $300 would be unheard of at the Hermes stable.

If Shang Xia is a success, Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas said the retail store is likely to open outlets in other international locations including France. Until then, you'll need to get yourself to China if you want to enjoy this "affordable luxury."

[Source: Accessories Magazine]
[Image Source: Gary Tamin/Stock.xchng]

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