Hermes Camail Felt Tote | Unusual Leather Detailed Beige Bag

Posted on: Sep 7

Hermes is a name associated with classic style and covetable good looks. But strangely, and sadly, I'm not seeing any of that in the Camail tote.

I can barely believe that this quirky tote came from the same label as the Birkin and the Kelly. It seems more like the design project of some ambitious and naïve high school student rather than the work of an esteemed fashion house. The beige felt body is lovely and wintery, and the tan leather trim is the ideal complement, but then the entire design goes awry.

Perhaps my style sensibilities aren't as refined as the great Hermes, but I just don't get the blue cut-out circle and striped decorative strap. They appear tacked on, and frankly their inclusion makes little sense to me. The simply shape and neutral tone of the tote definitely needed jazzing up, but this isn't the way I'd do it.

I'm also not sure about that shoulder strap. The unusual orientation is another gamble that doesn't appear to pay off. I've only seen people carrying it in their hand, so I'm not sure how easily it will slip over your shoulder. It may be more practical than it appears, but I'm not holding my breath.

While I'm griping, Hermes seems to have forgotten about this bag's interior. A single patch pocket is left to do all the organizational work, and there isn't even any material lining. Really Hermes? Even the bargain bin tote bags are lined!

There are just too many disappointments for me to even contemplate paying $2950 for this bag. But if you want to stand out in a crowd and you've got cash to burn, you may feel more positively towards this quirky tote.

More Features of This Hermes Felt Tote

  • Silver-toned hardware
  • Top snap closure
  • A 26 inch shoulder strap with an 11 inch drop
  • Measures 18 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Made in France

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