Hermes Birkin Sells for $203, 150 | Most Expensive Handbag Auctioned in Dallas

Posted on: Dec 8

Crocodile Hermes Birkin BagWhile many of us are feeling the effects of the latest credit crunch and wondering how we'll pay off our Christmas shopping, a private handbag collector has showed he or she still has money to burn. The anonymous bidder spend more than $203, 150 on a crocodile Hermes Birkin bag auctioned in Dallas this week. It is believed to be the most expensive purse ever auctioned.

It's impossible to say whether the bidder got value, but the handbag does sound pretty droolworthy. The one-of-a-kind accessory is made from scarlet red crocodile skin and encrusted with diamonds. Its hardware is made from white and yellow 18-carat gold. Color me officially jealous.

The handbag well and truly exceeded the experts' predictions that the Birkin would sell for around $80, 000. Clearly they weren't taking into account the passion some of us have for luxury handbags!

The Birkin bag was just one of 550 high-end designer handbags sold through Heritage Auctions. Purses from Fendi, Celine, and Louis Vuitton, and three more Hermes handbags all went under the hammer.

The director of luxury accessories at Heritage Auctions, Matt Rubinger, confirmed what the results show, commenting that the market for such opulent designer goods is "extremely strong."

"It's an area of fashion that’s been shown to hold and often increase in its value and we're now seeing sophisticated shoppers motivated to invest in special pieces like the bags that we offered here."

I'm envious of the owner of this new Birkin bag but I have to wonder, where does one carry such an expensive accessory?

[Source: Financial Times]
[Image Source: Houston Chronicle]

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