Hello Kitty 1978 Synthetic Handbag | Surreal “Riding a Dolphin” Bowler Bag

Posted on: Oct 27

Hello Kitty 1978 Hello Kitty Riding a Dolphin Bowler BagHello Kitty has never designed anything ordinary, but you do have to wonder what psychotropic chemical the designers were on when they envisaged Hello Kitty riding a dolphin!

Silly jokes aside, this cheap and cheerful mini bowler will no doubt be much appreciated by all the children out there. You know that phase many girls go through where they want to copy their moms? Well this is the sort of fun purse that will function in that role, although I can't really imagine many self-respecting adults owning it!

OK, so there isn't much more to say about this 1978 bowler bag; it is kitsch, cute, and at $19.99 it isn't pricey either.

More Features of this Hello Kitty Riding A Dolphin Purse

  • Small dual handles
  • Synthetic plastic exterior
  • Top zip closure

Get this Affordable 1978 Bowler Bag:

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