Helen Rochfort’s Scratch and Sniff Handbags | Quirky British Designer Releases Retro Scented Fruit Purses

Posted on: Aug 18

I remember being a child in the 80s when scratch and sniff stickers were all the rage. With everything else from this colorful decade being resurrected, perhaps it's not so surprising that Helen Rochfort has released a collection of scratch and sniff handbags!

If we're honest though, this has come out of left field. But I kind of like the idea of handbags that can add a pleasing fragrance to the air. They might be just the thing to carry when riding cramped commuter trains or visiting the stinky bachelor pad your boyfriend lives in. And the designs are pretty cute, with colorful Andy Warhol-esque fruit illustrations. Each print hints at the fruit scent we can expect once we get scratching.

Choose from strawberry, cherry, and apple. They're all available for £69 from Helen Rochfort's online store. If you like these wacky designs make sure you spend some time browsing Helen Rochfort's range, as there are many more quirky handbags on show!

[Source: Heatworld]

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