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Posted on: Jun 21

Haydanhuya Wallets
We've all heard of handbags with wooden handles and accents, but bags crafted entirely from wood are something different. But that's exactly what Turkish designer Gokham Eryaman creates with his unique fashion label Haydanhuya.

Eryaman began his career as a graphic designer, but his life took a turn when he decided he wanted to work with his hands. With an eye for aesthetics, Eryaman launched Haydanhuya in 2011.

Since its inception, Haydanhuya has released wooden handbags, wallets, and tech cases. Most are made with just a single piece of wood carved and sanded into simple but striking shapes. We're particularly fond of the two-tone wallets pictured, but Haydanhuya also sells wallets which showcase natural woodgrains, as well as iPhone cases, clutch purses, cross-body bags, and even hand-held wooden briefcases. Wooden spoons and camera grips complement Haydanhuya's accessories range.

Handcarved wood is a lot greener than many materials used in the fashion world, but it also comes with limitations. The material is very structured, and it can't be maneuvered the way softer fabrics can. That means each Haydanhuya purse is very simple and minimalist. The wallets for example can handle paper money and credit cards, but they're not really built for coins.

The Haydanhuya range is available to order via the label's website.

[Source: Haydanhuya website]

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