Halston Heritage Samantha Chain Mail Bucket Bag | Slinky Silver Mesh Shoulder Bag

Posted on: Feb 22

Halston Heritage Samantha Chain Mail Bucket Bag
A lot of people were dubious when Halston chose Sarah Jessica Parker to design its Heritage line. She is, after all, an actress, not a fashion designer, and so many of these celebrity collaborations have failed in the past. But, as it turns out, SJP seems to have an intuitive knack for design. I am loving what she's done with Heritage this season, and this Samantha chain mail bag is a great example of the line's flashy, sexy aesthetic.

The silver chain mail on the Samantha is extremely sparkly. It isn't exactly chain mail, per say, but instead a flat mesh. The flat silver metal surfaces catch the light in a remarkable way, and the space in between them gives the material a lot of fluidity. It almost looks like silver lame, but is far more durable.

You might remember this material from the disco era. It has a definite retro appeal. But the design of the bag is entirely modern, which makes for a nice mix. The bucket shape of the bag turns slouchy and slinky in silver mesh, and would make for a fabulous evening bag for the girl who just can't fit all her evening accessories into a clutch, or just doesn't want to be bothered with holding on to one.

The drawstring top closure is a little awkward in mesh, and I have some concerns about how well it will stand up over time. New, the flatness of the metal pieces ensures a smooth closure, but after time they will get dinged and bent and it may not be so easy. Frankly, I think this bag is a little overpriced at $650.

It looks cool, but the materials don't really warrant the price tag.

More Features Of The Halston Heritage Samantha Chain Mail Bucket Bag

  • 11" x 17" x 8" ¬†size
  • Rose gold trim
  • Fully lined in black satin

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