Gucci’s Rainforest Accessories for Brazil | Limited Edition Pantanal Bags & Scarves in Sao Paulo

Posted on: Mar 31

Gucci Brazil Limited Edition Accessories

The lush tropical wetlands of western Brazil have inspired Gucci's latest limited edition collection.

The accessories from the line, available exclusively in its new Brazilian flagship store, are decorated with the brightly colored foliage and macaws found in the country's Pantanal rainforest. The saturated hues are perfect for spring, but also a bit gaudy to please conservative tastes. There's no ignoring the citrus clash of the bright yellow trim and vivid green trees against the white backdrop. You'll certainly stand out from the crowd if you're wearing these limited edition lines!

As with most limited edition designer collections, these Brazilian accessories don't come cheaply. The Joy bag costs $1157 while the large Sacca GG Plus carry-on case will set you back a hefty $1785. If your budget won't stretch that far you could always invest in a silk scarf, which is still not small change at $292.

If you're in the mood for splurging you can find Gucci's latest limited edition Brazilian purses and scarves exclusively at the Gucci boutique in Sao Paulo's Cidade Jardim shopping mall. The release of these new items will no doubt encourage a few more shoppers to explore the new 5,400 square foot retail space.

[Source: Hispanically Speaking News]

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