Gucci’s New Limited Edition Tote & Wallet | Cancun Exclusive Accessories Set

Posted on: May 18

Gucci Cancun ToteHave you planned your summer vacation yet? If you're a Gucci fan you may want to spend some time in Cancun. The coastal location is the only place you'll find the Italian luxury label's new limited edition tote and matching wallet.

The gray woven tote is dressed up with pale brown leather handles and trim. That same skin is used to make the wallet. Each one bears the words "Made in Italy by Gucci Cancun."

Frankly, the whole thing does little to inspire me though. The colors are very drab, which is surprising considering that they're being sold in Cancun. Wouldn't you have expected something brighter and more summery? The print is also predictable and pedestrian. I think this is one of those limited edition accessories that will sell simply for its exclusivity, rather than the product's quality. It's well made as all Gucci bags are, but it just fails to ignite any real passion in me.

The handbag set is only available at the Mexican city's La Boutique Palacio store. Gucci hasn't released any price for the accessories set, but considering there are only 50 available I'm expecting them to fetch top dollar. I know I certainly won't be buying, even if I could afford that Cancun getaway. What about you?

[Source: Elite Traveler]

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