Gucci Takes Artisan Corner Around the World

Posted on: Apr 11

Gucci is celebrating its history with the Artisan Corner tour.

Gucci's most skilled artisans will travel to selected Gucci stores around the world, where they will be stationed at custom-built workshops. Gucci customers can watch these craftsmen assemble the brand's most iconic bags right before their eyes.

The Artisan Corner will include work tables, a sewing machine, a leather stand, and various tools used to create Gucci's famed leather goods.

"Customers will be able to see craftsman as they hand-stitch handles, assemble bamboo
tassels, prepare leather strips for woven stitching and hand emboss customer's initials, offering a unique viewing of Gucci's time honored traditions
," Gucci announced.

A video documentary charting the history of Gucci and its creations will play behind the modern-day Gucci workers. Its hoped that the history lesson will foster a more intimate relationship between customers and Gucci and its products.

The Artisan Corner will tour the United States later this month. It will visit San Francisco's Stockton Street store on April 19, Beverly Hills on April 22, Chicago on April 26, and Manhattan's 5th Avenue flagship store on April 29.

[Source: Styleite]
[Image Source: Antha B6ab3y/Flickr]

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