Gucci Leather Messenger Bag | Weathered Boho Brown Shoulder Bag

Posted on: Aug 24

Gucci Leather Messenger BagI think it's really interesting that the fashion world has heard very little from Gucci in the past five years or so, but now that it's come back, it's made a distinct return to its roots. The classic equestrian preppy Gucci look is in full swing on this leather messenger bag.

I feel a little back and forth about the weathered treatment on the leather. The base brown is a lovely shade, and the weathering is so exaggerated that it almost looks ombre, which doesn't really make much aesthetic sense with the overall style of the bag. I do, however, really appreciate the beautiful braid trim and the weaving on the shoulder strap.

The shape is only kind of messenger-like. It's really more of a saddle bag. Either way, the soft edges add a lot to the tailored preppiness of the style. The hook and tab closure is beautiful against the leather, and the strap detail adds to the utilitarian look. The combination of a leather hangtag and a tassel both on one side is a little much, but one of them could be easily removed.

Overall, this is a very classy casual bag, and once it's actually weathered and the ombre effect has faded a bit, it could become  your go-to bag for the next decade or so.

More Features Of The Gucci Leather Messenger Bag

  • 13" x 12" x 2" size
  • 13" strap drop
  • Internal pouch and zipper pockets
  • Fully lined

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