Jil Sander Two-Tone Leather Clutch | Hip Red & Blue Foldover Bag

Posted on: Aug 24

Jil Sander Two-Tone Leather ClutchI love minimalists. They always restrain themselves to releasing just a few accessories and leave it at that. Jil Sander is no exception, and this two-tone leather clutch shows off her signature clean style in a pretty remarkable way.

The colors on this clutch make my heart go pitter patter. They are so well-chosen, just a few shades off of primary, and go together beautifully. The white accents add dramatic contrasts and seem to amp up the brightness.

The aerodynamic design of this evening bag is stunning. There's really nothing better than a simple foldover clutch, and I honestly can't think of one more simple and elegant than this. It manages to be extremely eye-catching without going anywhere near over-the-top. The only embellishment is the tiny strap closure, and it suits the bag perfectly.

This is one of those bags that is absolutely gorgeous on its own, but could become deadly with the wrong outfit. I wouldn't pair it with too many loud prints, but other than that, I'd take it most anywhere.

More Features Of The Jil Sander Two-Tone Leather Clutch

  • 13" x 8" x 1" size
  • 13" strap drop
  • Fully lined

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