Gretchen Rossi’s New Handbags | Real Housewives Star’s Gretchen Christine Collection

Posted on: Nov 22

Gretchen Christine CollectionWhen I heard that Gretchen Rossi, better known as one of the Real Housewives of OC, was creating a handbag line I was dubious of her design credentials. It seemed more like another grab for fame rather than a serious attempt at a career in fashion. But when I spotted the handbags from her collection I quickly changed my tune.

The Gretchen Christine Collection by Lust4Luxe features stylish leather handbags with modern hardware and on-trend colors. They're also practical, with a compartmentalized area for storing cosmetics hidden underneath an interior flap. The original run of bags sold out in just four days when they appeared exclusively on Shop NBC, but thankfully we can all get a piece of the action through Gretchen Rossi's personal website.

Rossi might carry expensive European designers on the reality TV show, but recessionistas will be pleasantly surprised by the prices of her own collection. The accessories start from just $149, and the most expensive piece is only $349.

"I remember in particular this one designer handbag that everyone loved from Versace that was close to $3,000. When I told my fans where the bag was from I got a lot of responses disappointed because they could never afford it," she explained to "This is when I realized all woman want high fashion without having to break the bank for it."

While the collection only has handbags at the moment, Rossi says that eventually it "will be a collaboration of all things a woman would want find in her closet, from shoes, to scarves, hats, accessories, clothes, dresses, etc.!" For now though, you can buy the Gretchen Christine Collection by Lust4Luxe from Gretchen Rossi's website and Shop NBC.


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