Grafitti Artist Zevs Turns Handbag Logos Into Art

Posted on: Jul 14

In the 90s, Zevs was one of the top graffiti artists in Paris. Today his work is shown at international galleries around the world. What a difference a few years make!

In his latest exhibition, Liquidated Logos, Zevs has taken some of fashion's most iconic monograms and turned them into modern art. The recognizable signature prints of Louis Vuitton and Chanel are manipulated and cast on canvas, ceramics, and even metal. In this piece the colors of the famous LV logo run down the piece, almost as if they've been caught in the rain.

The eye-catching artworks will be on show at the Art Statements Gallery in Hong Kong from July 16.

But there's some concern that Zevs may not make it to the grand opening. He was arrested yesterday after painting the Chanel logo on the exterior of Chater House, an office tower in central Hong Kong. Sure it's great advertising for the show, but some might say it's also going a little far!

[Source: View on Fashion]

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