Gourds Become Handbags with Eco-Friendly It’s a Gourd Collection from Snook N Company

Posted on: Jul 12

I've seen gourds used to make bowls and ornaments, but I'd never have imagined using the melon-like plants for purses! Snook N Company did though, and the results are the label's It's a Gourd collection.

Snook N Company take its eco-friendly ethos seriously. Each gourd is organically grown in the United States and picked by hand. Its original beauty is then enhanced with natural oils and colored with eco-friendly dyes. Vegetable tanned leathers form the straps, while herringbone patterned hemp fabrics are used for the linings.

Gourds are surprisingly strong, with exteriors which resemble wood, so they make a durable choice for accessories. However, they're not the most fashion forward items. Animal prints and floral designs do their best to add modern style, but there's no getting away from the original materials here.

Whether that's a flaw or a bonus will depend on your own personal tastes. It's a Gourd purses seem like a bit of a novelty, but that homespun character is also part of their charm. The purses are available for $125 from the Snook N Company website.

[Source: Snook N Company]

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  1. susie edwards Says:

    Thanks for featuring our eco friendly gourd handbags “Snook n Company on your blog
    We provided a link back to the ad on our facebook and website. Again Thanks a million.
    Snook N Company

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